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Training Your Mind To Peak Performance. The Perfect Combination Of Science, Neurofeedback, And Spirituality.

I love the scientific way the states of consciousness can be explained and trained. I had no idea.

- Edwin, (The Netherlands)

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What is Awakened Mind Training?

Awakened Mind Training is a form of guidance (a method) that aims to develop your state of consciousness. Most people start in a ‘normal waking state’ and then progress to a state called ‘Awakened Mind’. This neurofeedback method focuses on developing the brainwave pattern.

What Is The Awakened Mind State?

This is a very specific state of consciousness. In the Awakened Mind state, you have direct access to your subconscious, creativity, and your intuition. You will grow towards this state with special (scientifically designed and tested) exercises, meditation & visualization techniques, and training your body. Once you know how to get into that state and how that feels, you will get there more often (and quicker) until your stay there becomes a stable state.

Advanced computer technology and software allow brainwave patterns to become visible with EEG. The Awakened Mind state has a specific trainable brainwave pattern, like every other state mentioned above. So, it’s rather easy to see where you are in your development and what the next step should be.

The Awakened Mind State is a higher state of consciousness. This way of training is also excellent for training the deeper states of consciousness. Examples of deeper states are the meditative state, trance, channelling, etc.

You will...

have more focus and efficiency

have a reduction of stress

improve your concentration & performance 

find Mind & Body Mastery 

This is for you AM

be more creative

improve your intuition

create the state of consciousness you want 

activate the self-healing abilities of your body 

Want to make this happen? The Awakened Mind Training is your blueprint to achieve that at high speed.

How can AM Training
help you?


Many use it for personal development, to reduce stress, and improve performance in specific and personal circumstances. Awakened Mind training can also be used as a guide to meditative and higher states of consciousness like the Awakened Mind.

This is called Self Development Training.


Nowadays, training the brainwaves (or brainwave training) with the Awakened Mind Method is used in several ways to improve performance. Top sport is one of the areas in which this kind of mental training is used. But it’s also used by surgeons to enhance concentration. But whatever you want to excel in; this is the training for you.

This kind of training is called Peak Performance Training.


Managers and Corporate Executives use it to enhance their emotional intelligence. This improves their leadership qualities and stimulates better time management.

This is called Business Performance Training.

Benefits Of Training With Us

No matter how this method is applied, people all over the world claim their lives have improved after this form of Neurofeedback.

Master of body and Mind: through the mind, the body can be manipulated and vice versa.

Benefits of an EEG profile: 

The EEG makes the brainwave patterns visible. The patterns (and their explanation) give a profound insight into your current state of consciousness.

AM Training is the only method in the world that is based on science and provides measurable results:

# A scientifically proven method by Professor Cade

# Proof of your state of consciousness by showing your pattern

# Proving progression by showing training data

AM Training is the only method in the world that:

 # Combines consciousness progression with healing the subconscious 

 # Can get you the results you desire by teaching you what to train next

 # Shows you how to become a Master of body & mind

 # Allows you to become a peak performer in any aspect of your life

With an Awakened Mind EEG Profile you…


Can see your state of consciousness

You know what the next step would be in your consciousness development, and how to train this.


Get confirmation

Find out whether you actually are in a meditative state when you meditate or in a Trance state when you sit for Trance development.


Learn to progress

Learn how to stimulate the self-healing abilities of your body.

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your consciousness development  Today!

Training Your Mind To Peak Performance. The Perfect Combination Of Science, Neurofeedback, And Spirituality.

AM Suzanne Tempel
Why AM Training with Suzanne?

Suzanne is a Neurofeedback Specialist: an Awakened Mind Coach®, Practitioner® and Trainer®. Years ago, she became the first Awakened Mind (AM) Trainer in the world. Today, Suzanne is also qualified to train Practitioners according to the standards of the Institute for the Awakened Mind.

expert teacher

After working in corporate and government environments for many years as an interim and project manager, Suzanne became a post-bachelor certified Life Coach. Suzanne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and a Master’s degree in Customer Relationship Management. She is an NLP practitioner, and a CRKBO  (the Dutch Central Register for Short Vocational Training)-qualified teacher.

best courses & Services

Suzanne trains business professionals, meditation & yoga teachers, consciousness trainers, coaches, leaders, and managers. In addition, she gives workshops, lectures, training, and retreats as well as personal development programs in the field of self-healing, intuitive development. She is also a trainer of the higher and deeper states of consciousness such as Trance, Meditation, and of course, the Awakened Mind state.

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Join the Soulwell Community for free. In this community, you can chat with other members and join practice groups, post messages, and have access to all material posted in this community.

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Training your Brainwaves

Brainwave training is manipulating the brain by training the brainwaves. Brainwaves can be influenced positively, using several methods, with or without EEG. Brainwave training is based on the self-learning ability and flexibility of the brain.

The Awakened Mind Method is a form of Neurofeedback training and uses techniques that you can train at home without EEG.

But why does it say EEG? In what way is EEG used?

Advanced computer technology and software allow brainwave patterns to become visible with EEG. The EEG reflects your state and brainwaves in real-time. It functions as a mirror of your mental state. The EEG makes it easier to achieve whatever goal you have, as you have a ‘mirror’ to train with. Very convenient.

You will find more information on EEG and the background of the Awakened Mind Method in the FAQ section below.

Individual Awakened Mind Training can start with creating a Profile: you will see the brainwave pattern of your state of consciousness.

The process

EEG AM training



During the session, a short recording will be made showing your brainwave patterns. Depending on your goal or what you wish to train, it’s also possible to measure quite specific, certain elements.

For instance, if you are a working medium, and you want to know how to get into the trance state, it’s possible to have a look at your altered state and see where you are at.

AM analysis


The recording is showing the pattern of your state of consciousness. After the measurements, you are going to have a look at the recording. This part of the profile leads to much insight with all clients.

Because you have had the explanation at the beginning of the session, you can now directly see where you are at and what your next step should be.

AM advice


After discussing the results of the recording, you will receive a custom-made-advice.

After this, you will decide whether you will start training. This is not a must. So, even when you are just curious about your state of consciousness, you can book this first session with a profile.

AM follow up training

Follow-up Training

If you decide to start training, you can book a package of 10 individual sessions through the website. How many sessions you eventually need depends on your goal, your starting point, and your discipline with the training, of course. Not every follow-up session needs to be on-location, as this can easily be done online.

Individual Awakened Mind Training is a ‘must do’ for everybody interested in consciousness development. Especially when (professionally) involved in activities that incorporate creativity, intuition, or consciousness development.


Some great reviews

It was really amazing!

I just wanted to thank you for your time today, it was really amazing! It brought so many insights and explained so much! I’m so grateful, almost the first thing I did when I was home is book a follow-up session for next week.

M. Gabe testimonial

Marion Gabe (Germany)

I have less stress and hindering patterns

I have already followed a large number of sessions of individual AM training and I really notice a significant difference from how I started. For one I have much less stress and am much more aware of hindering thinking patterns. Suzanne guides you through the difficult parts, full of respect and without judgment. I find her explanation clear and the exercises very effective and so practical that I can easily do them at home.

Emily L Testimonial

Emily Lucas (Netherlands)

Frequently asked

Are there any contra-indications?

For the Profile, there are NO contra-indications.

However, for the training there are some contra-indications:

  • * Addictions (exceptions: addictions that do not have a link with a dependency on substances. For instance: gambling, shop addiction, gaming, smoking, etc.)

  • * Use of psychotropic substances

  • * Illnesses of the nervous system

  • * Epilepsy

  • * Psychoses

  • * Personality disorders

  • * Depression (clinical)

  • * ADD

  • * Mental handicap

  • * Pregnancy (only in some cases because of the extreme relaxation – please consult Suzanne)

  • * Severe cases of PTSS

What does 24/7 WhatsApp support mean?

In between sessions, you always have the opportunity to contact Suzanne with a quick question or a brief comment you wish to share. You will always receive an answer or response within 24 hours.

Do I prepare for a session? Is there anything I need to do?

None of the sessions require any preparation. Furthermore, it doesn't make any difference, before making a profile, if you have slept badly, drank too much coffee, or if you are nervous.

Can I be measured on a location of my own choice for instance at work?

That is possible. Please contact Suzanne for other options.

Measuring Brainwaves. What does that mean?

4 electrodes will be placed on your head, measuring your brainwaves, sending the data back, and producing a visible image on the computer screen.

Seeing what is happening on the screen can help you to influence the waves in a ‘positive’ way. This can be achieved by using various methods that focus on the self-learning abilities of your brain. This means that your brain receives immediate positive feedback when showing the desired pattern. Result: your brain is, or rather your brainwaves are, going to reorganize. Which pattern will be the desired pattern for you, depends on you as an individual, your goal, and your current state of mind.

Through this adaptation process of the brain, stress can be reduced or disappear entirely. Performance can be enhanced, effectiveness improved, and intuition becomes accessible. Other states of consciousness, too, can be reached easily and more quickly than before, depending on your goal, of course.

Is my brain stimulated by the system?

It is important to realize that the EEG is a way of measuring your current patterns and making them visible. It is a Mirror for your Mind, so to speak. The hardware and software themselves or the electrodes do not stimulate your brainwaves. Any change in patterns will be accomplished through the self-learning abilities and flexibility of the brain.

The self-learning ability can be ‘activated’ by the training software. The feedback/reward for your brain, when showing the desired pattern, can be music or a film. Another possibility is feedback on subjective observations of the body. A different state of consciousness generates different sensations within your body. If you have learned how a specific state feels, it’s easier to generate this state by getting your body into that ‘state’ first. This form of training is done employing guided visualizations, rather than the training software.

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your consciousness development  Today!

Training Your Mind To Peak Performance. The Perfect Combination Of Science, Neurofeedback, And Spirituality.